ANKH (GOLD) Pendant+ Chain

Rs. 2,199 Rs. 2,899
07 Mar. Estimated arrival
04 Mar. Order placed
05-06 Mar. Order dispatches
07 Mar. Delivered!

(Chains are included with all pendants, as shown)

"Live life to the full”. 

Bullsh*t cliché? Or mantra to live by?

We’ve only got one life, and it’s up to us – and us alone – to make it count. No excuses.

Inspired by the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph for ‘life’, our Ankh Pendant is your reminder to craft the life you want. To seize every opportunity to make that life happen. And to never settle for anything less.

Chain Length 51cm
Pendant Size

30mm x 18mm
Material Premium 316L Stainless Steel
Care Water, Sweat, Heat Resistant (No Discolouring or Tarnishing)


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